The Installation and Setup process

Write a blog post about the installation and setup work you did this week: your decisions, your rationales; make sure you link out to at least a couple of other resources. How does what you’ve created so far relate to the vision board you made last week? Sort your Process Post under either a Category or Tag for ‘posiel’ so you can collect them later.

When setting up my blog website, I had a pretty clear vision as to how I wanted my blog website to appear thanks to the vision board that I had made. I selected examples of websites that give off the energy that I really enjoy or would want my website to convey. I took a look at websites for other artists such as RossDraws’s website, a popular artist on YouTube that also produced work for companies like Marvel and Disney, and see what I could extract and make it my own. This made it easier for me to design the overall aesthetics for my website as well as the mood.

At first, the user interface for WordPress looked incredibly complex as there were so many buttons and options that it felt daunting to learn. To fix that, I watched a few tutorials such as a YouTube video titled WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2022 [Made Easy] and How To Make a WordPress Website – Step by Step that explained the general overview on using WordPress to help familarize myself with the user interface. This helped me understand the most important tools for me to setup my site.

I wanted this website to be inviting to anyone who visits my site while presenting itself in a professional manner. To make the website feel welcoming, I placed an image of a cat that I made into the ‘hero’ section since that section would be the first thing that people would see when entering my site. The image had the cat resting its paw on a ledge which made it look as though it was waving towards the viewer. I thought this was the perfect image to use for my site as it really helped honed in on the ‘welcoming’ and ‘inviting’ vibe I wanted my website to have. I repurposed the ledge to act as the navigation bar background to help distinguish it from the background of the image.

Ultimately, I am still experimenting with the overall design layout but this will be the sense of what future sights we be like if I were to redesign it.

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