Peer Review #3: Karmen Suen

Link to Karmen’s site:

The site that I will be reviewing is titled ‘Bubble Tea Monster’ by Karmen Suen.

Screenshot of Karmen’s blogsite (Homepage)

When I first entered Karmen’s site, I was greeted by large texts that read ‘Read my latest bubble tea adventures in Vancity’ and a list of recent posts underneath as pictured below within the screenshot. This helped me get right into the content right away without having to take a lot of initiative to search for posts which I appreciated.

While I did appreciate the fact that I could view content immediately after entering the site, it didn’t give me a chance to really get a sense of who Karmen is. I would have to read through multiple posts and the ‘About’ page to understand who she is and what she does. I would suggest having a one-sentence description that is quick, witty, and snappy; all while stating who you are and what your blog site will mainly revolve around. I believe this will help visitors understand who you are and have more of an incentive to continue viewing your posts.

From the process and public posts that Karmen has made, it seems the main targeted audience are those who are bubble tea aficionados as a lot of the public post content revolves around bubble teas from different chains (as shown within the image below). The titles themselves are witty and intriguing as they helped grabbed my attention, thereby incentivizing viewers to click and read the posts themselves.

Upon scrolling down, users are greeted with a list of recent posts that states the title as well as the month it was posted (as shown in the image directly below). As mentioned previously, this helped me jump right into any post that Karmen has made. However, I would have liked to see some indication as to what category each post belongs to (i.e., the mini-assignments, the process posts, etc.). The few posts that I immediately knew which category they belonged to are those that are titled ‘Peer Review’. The only way for me to know which category each post belongs to is by using the dropdown menu and viewing the available posts within each page. Maybe consider having the category of the post within some other part of the list of recent posts or have it within the title itself. However, this is from the perspective of someone who is taking the same PUB class and has an understanding of what each category alludes to whereas the average viewer wouldn’t know so feel free to not implement that idea in that case.

The typeface chosen and used for the title elements utilizes more rounded edges instead of sharper edges. This conveys a more welcoming feeling to those who are first entering the site. I think this typeface is a great choice for your title elements, however, I think the typeface used within paragraphs could be changed. I think the serif font used is a bit jarring when used in conjunction with the sans-serif. I would suggest using the same sans-serif typeface as you used for your title elements for your paragraph but in a thinner stroke.

The nav bar is simple and intuitive, allowing me to easily find whatever type of post or page within the site. Each category within the dropdown menu is clearly labeled.

Overall, Karmen did an excellent job creating their blog site. There were a few minor nitpicky things here and there but generally, I enjoyed reading through all of your posts. They were all written in a witty way allowing me to gain a sense of who you are and allowing for a more enjoyable read. Hopefully, my comments were helpful in some way! Good luck with the rest of the semester and any final projects! Hang in there, we are almost free!

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