Noot Noot and Carry On

The past couple of weeks has proven to be quite stressful due to the number of projects that needed to be done on time. Tight deadlines, late nights, and high amounts of pressure to produce good work were all factors that wore me down leaving me with very little energy (emotionally, mentally, and physically). I had to skip out on a lot of invites to hangouts with friends to ensure that projects are completed on time and are of an acceptable quality which wore me down even more.

Now that I am in the ‘calm between the storms’ phase of course projects, I decided to delve back into drawing to help keep my sanity (or what’s left of it). I decided to recreate a meme that I connected with on a personal level. This painting (taking reference from the YouTube video by Telepurte titled, ‘121 | Noot Noot’), I believe, represents my current mood adequately.

Pingu Noot Noot meme
Noot Noot

Reference Video:

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