My Imagined Audience

Personally, I wouldn’t really go about sharing my art pieces aside from a few friends or family members that I am comfortable with. However, with this website, I plan to overcome that initial fear of putting my art pieces into the world. This is what I imagined my audience to be like: Like-minded digital artists who are just starting out and not entirely comfortable sharing their art pieces.

I chose this type of public to be my audience for my blog site as that’s how I am currently. I think having your main target audience centered around you or your own persona is the best way to go about the design and editorial decisions and having it cater to your own personal likings.

Ultimately, I am trying to cater the content within my blog to my liking by asking the question, “would I want to view this?” as I feel that is the best way for me to go about making design and editorial decisions. If the answer were ‘yes’ then I know that I had made some good design and editorial decisions for my content. If the answer were ‘no’ then I would go back and edit or sometimes even restart my post. If you don’t like your OWN content that you produced and carry on with this ideology, it will eventually show in future works. Then what are the chances that someone else will like what other future works you produce? This has informed my design and editorial decisions on my blog site as at the end of the day, I am making this content to my own satisfaction (outside of this course).

Hopefully, in this process, I can become more comfortable sharing my art with a larger audience. Perhaps even inspire those who are in a similar situation as me to do the same.

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