Mike Wazowski Colour Test

Today, I wanted to take things slow again (due to the amount of work and projects this week) by simply relaxing and focusing on colour. For me, I consider colouring to be almost therapeutic, especially if I know what colours I am going to lay down in the drawing. If that is the case, my mind completely goes into ‘zen’ mode and starts filling in the areas. I usually start colouring by determining the different light/shadow values that are being placed. I first start by determining where the light source is hitting the character or object first as that will then define where the mid-tones and shadows will be placed. Once, I have a solid understanding of where the lighter and darker areas should be, I then start placing the colours onto the object. I first started each piece with the lighter areas first as normally, in traditional media (i.e., painting, pencil colouring), one would place down the light colours first onto the painting before placing down the darker colours. This is because how lighter colours are much easier to go over with darker colours as it would be completely covered without having the darker colour be affected by the lighter colour underneath. Going over darker colours with lighter colours makes the lighter colour on top look too muddy as well as making it not as bright or vibrant, potentially ruining the art piece. Now, in the digital art space, I wouldn’t really have to worry about that (take that traditional artist) but I still find it to be good practice so that whenever I do go back into traditional art (if I ever do), then I won’t pick up the bad habit of colouring in the dark areas first.

digital paintings of mike wazowski
Painting of Mike Wazowski

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