Knowing My Audience

[Original Post Date: 10/18/22]

Knowing my audience informs my editorial process, allowing me to plan my workflow for the duration of my next blog post. Understanding that my targeted audience mainly consists of like-minded artists that are more interested in the process of creation, I cater the content to show more so on the process side of creating art pieces rather than fully finished pieces. This is why a lot of my art pieces that have been posted on this site have notes detailing my thought process.

If I were to post on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, I would showcase the finished art piece as I know not everyone who is going to view the piece will want to know the entire process from start to finish as the first post they see. At most, a WIP (work in progress) would be the extent to which average viewers would want to see the process. They would most likely look at the piece for a few seconds and move on to the next post. Knowing that my audience would consciously make the decision to click on a post to view it fully, it would make the most sense to post these types of artworks that are in progress that detail my thought process in the form of notes, rather than showing fully finished pieces.

Although, I do not want to limit the type of posts to just being WIP as that would make the content on this site stale. That is why I like to keep some variety by posting both fully finished pieces as well as ones that are still a work in progress.

It also alleviates some amount of the stress of having to post fully completed and rendered art pieces. Instead, I can embrace more of the unfinished and the disorganized cause that’s how I view my process of art to be; disorganized, messy, and even sometimes directionless which will then (hopefully) all come together to create something comprehensible.

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